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Art Class Girl

The Gateway Christian Academy Art program is designed to inspire creativity within each child.  Students enjoy a fun and enriching experience as we use a variety of media including chalk and oil pastels, recycled art, and more. Art class is designed to ensure that students learn the basic art elements while creating works of their own. It is our goal that students feel confident in their creative abilities and take pride in their work. Elementary students will use the Meet the Masters art curriculum to take an in depth look at artists from the past such as Vincent van Gogh, Andy Warhol, and Claude Monet.  The artists’ works are studied including the techniques used. Students then apply what they learn to recreate their own versions of famous masterpieces.


At Gateway Christian Academy students learn music fundamentals in a supportive, nurturing environment. Students use their voices, their bodies, and rhythm instruments to develop their musicianship.  Older students also learn to read music by playing recorders. Students are introduced to elements of musical theory and vocabulary with an increased focus on singing with attention to intonation, tone quality, and good diction. Kids will preform during the Thanksgiving program, Mother’s Day program and the End-of-Year program each year. 

Piano Lesson
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